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We sell your old-timer, young timer or exclusive car for you. With our experience and wide network we make sure you get the maximum result in selling your car. When we sell your car there are three core values: passion, enthusiasm and trust. We make sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We arrange everting, from a thorough wash until the financial settlement, of course in consultation with you. The complete process is based on mutual trust and we make sure the sale is a pleasant experience for you and for us. The sale takes place on the basis of a commission that is determined in consultation, furthermore we charge a fixed starting amount of € 250 for the work we do. Based on a car in normal and undamaged condition. It is always possible to repair certain damages, optical as well as technical, for an additional price, of course in consultation. We do our very best to present your car at home and abroad, think about a professional photoshoot. At request we make a film of the car. We use all the possible sales channels to make sure we get the best result.

Step by step


You come to us at the predetermined location with your car or we come to you.


We inspect the car and fill out the necessary paperwork.


Together we decide the selling price of the car.


We give the car a proper wash when needed.


We take the car to the photo/film location.


The car can be picked up at the predetermined location.

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